Los Angeles and Orange County offer several picturesque courthouse wedding locations that provide charming settings for your special day. Here are some of the most picturesque courthouse wedding locations in both areas.

Los Angeles County

  1. Pasadena Courthouse: The Pasadena Courthouse is a lovely location for a courthouse wedding with its historic architecture and beautiful surroundings. The exterior of the courthouse boasts Spanish Colonial Revival-style design and intricate detailing. The building's elegant facade and well-maintained landscaping provide a charming backdrop for your wedding ceremony.
  2. Santa Barbara Courthouse: A little out of Los Angeles, but the Santa Barbara Courthouse is renowned for its Spanish-Moorish architecture, beautiful gardens, and intricate tile work. The Sunken Gardens and Mural Room are popular spots for courthouse weddings. Worth the drive.
  3. Old Orange County Courthouse (Santa Ana): The Old Orange County Courthouse features historic architecture and well-maintained gardens, providing a picturesque setting for your ceremony.
  4. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden (Arcadia): While not a traditional courthouse, this location offers a courthouse-style ceremony in a garden setting with the stunning Queen Anne Cottage as a backdrop.
  5. Palos Verdes Peninsula Center (Rancho Palos Verdes): The Palos Verdes Peninsula Center has a modern courthouse building with lovely landscaping and panoramic ocean views, creating a beautiful location for your ceremony.
  6. Malibu Civic Center: Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Malibu Civic Center features a contemporary-style courthouse and offers a picturesque setting for a coastal wedding.

Orange County

  1. Old Orange County Courthouse (Santa Ana): This historic courthouse is an elegant and picturesque location for a wedding with its historic architecture and well-manicured gardens.
  2. Laguna Hills Civic Center: The Laguna Hills Civic Center is a modern civic center with a serene courtyard, perfect for a picturesque wedding ceremony with its contemporary architecture and water features.
  3. Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum (Yorba Linda): The Richard Nixon Library offers a striking setting with beautiful gardens, a reflecting pool, and a grand ballroom for indoor ceremonies.
  4. Mission San Juan Capistrano: This historic mission provides a picturesque setting with its lovely gardens, fountains, and historic chapel, creating a romantic atmosphere for your wedding.
  5. Fullerton Courthouse: The Fullerton Courthouse features a classic design and well-maintained surroundings, providing a charming backdrop for your courthouse wedding.

Before planning your courthouse wedding at any of these locations, be sure to check the specific requirements, reservation procedures, and fees to ensure a smooth and memorable experience. Some locations may require advance reservations, so plan ahead to secure your preferred date and time.

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