What do I wear?

Styling your family can be stressful. It's hard enough to get everyone out the door on a typical day. Let me help! All you need is the right combination of colors, patterns, textures, accessories. This guide should help get your creativity moving. If you are stuck or want confirmation that your combinations will photograph well in your session, or want a full client guide to plan your session, feel free to email me!

Lead with personality not expectations

The session is for you and your family, and your own unique dynamic. While Pinterest hunting is fun (and stressful!), take inso pics with a grain of salt, and let your own unique moment shine! Your photographer will lead the way, so just go with it and enjoy bonding with your family.

incorporate textures and movment

Pick fabrics and textures that move and flow with you. Add a cozy texture, one that gets picked up with the wind, or glow in the light. Avoid stiff garments or anything too restrictive. Playdate comfy- comfortable, fun, and reflects your personality. Movement and character with accessories adds dimension and enhances emotion in your images.

color scheming

In general, you want to either compliment or contrast your environment. A pallet of neutrals, earth tones, or metallics are the most successful. Avoid overly bright colors and multiple patterns. Limited to 4 colors, and choose one person to wear a feature color to compliment. All matching typically doesn't not photograph well. Pick complimenting shades to create dimension and visual interested.

Be careful with patterns and prints

Avoid large, bold prints. They are distracting. Instead, use one subtle print, and use compliment solids and textures.


The simplest way to add visual interest (and CONFIDENCE) is to use flattering layers and accessories. It takes focus off of only one area (the face), and create an overall styled and artful feel. Think light jackets or sweaters, hats, belts, scarves, headbands, fun shoes. Nothing too bulky or distracting, unless it's super important to your family story!

WHen you have a session booked with breana Isley, you'll receive a guide for INSPIRATION, and when in doubt, just send me a picture of your options!