before going pinterest crazy on details...

There can be a million variables in all the details, budgets, themes, and preferences in planning a wedding. What's the most important things to start with? Start with these 5 key anchors to get the ball rolling, and you'll be on your way to stress-free nuptial planning. Venues and Photographers can book up to two years in advance, and bookings move quickly. If you are set on a specific Vendor, don't hesitate to move quickly.

The Season

Not everyone has a magic date they are set on. Start by picking the time of year you dream about when you look back at your wedding photos. Whether you pick and indoor or outdoor wedding venue, different reasons look different in your outdoor portraits. You also need to consider where your guests are traveling from if it's a season of unpredictable weather.

The Venue

Popular venues can book up to two years (or more) in advance, especially if you're in dense regions such as California. Find out their availability in a month you're set on can help-the most indecisive narrow it down. Once you find a venue style you love, go on tours to see if you can feel yourself hosting there. Sometimes a picture is more exciting than how you feel when you're there. When you're at the right venue, you'll know it.

The Photography

You could spend a million on your dream wedding, but what happens when you skimp on photography because you blew your budget? Wedding photography can make or break the timeline of your day, and the experience can significantly elevate (or hinder) your nostalgia when reminiscing through your album. Find a photographer whose style speaks to you, pleasant to communicate with, and has your back. You'll spend more time around them than your spouse.

Plus, save the date photos!

The Coordinator

A coordinator can also make or break it. There are a lot of moving parts, and details that coordinators or planners can keep track of for you. Unless you're doing a dinner with your closest family after a courthouse wedding, you do not want to DIY. Some venues require, and some will include the day-of coordinator in their fees. They can also refer a photographer, but it might not be someone you really vibe with.

The Fun Part

Make a list of you must haves before you dive into Pinterest wedding boards and Bride magazines like California Wedding Day, Brides, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, etc. It can get overwhelming. Design a day that highlights your unique style and relationship, not what everyone else say you need. Most likely it's their dream, not yours. Everything falls into place. Take your time. Enjoy. Congratulations!

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