STay open and go with the flow

Melanie and Josh are finally knee deep in wedding preparation countdown after the infamous Covid delayed their nuptials, just like thousands (millions?) of other couple around the world. This shoot was a good example to be fluid with your vision, and show up with an open mind to let the session develop naturally. You never know what magic appears when you're out and about. We knew the vibe was in the realm of "Dark and Moody" with deep contrast, and some pops of color. After some research, we decided on Franklin Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. It has two entrances: a south end near Wilshire, and a north end near mulholland. The grounds have lots of variety in trails, tree patterns, a reservoir lake used in a lot of film production, wildlife, and much more you'd expect in a nature park. I met up with them on a turn out, and we were ready to hike for some dramatic landscape.

I spotted some interesting nooks off-path in a clearing, and since the sun was starting to set, we got some beautiful light peeking through the trees, surrounded by lots of textures.

The highlight of the shoot, which wasn't planned, is this awesome spotted we spotted at the beginning of our walk. It's rustic, vine sprawled corner that gave some serious jungle vibes. We saved it for the walk back, and we're just in love with how they turned out. It just goes to show that unexpected and overlooked elements in nature can add character, and create a memorable experience.

Trust your photographer's eye (or mine if you're here thinking of booking), because we see things a little different. Rustic might not work for anyone, but for the vibe we were looking for, it was just meant to be. That's Soulmate energy. Be open, and the right moments will find out in your journey. Get out there and create adventure!

The park has so many hidden gems, and the road can take you to an infinite number of options. On the way out, we stumbled upon our last unexpected treat. A beautiful, bright moon still low enough to make a stop. If the moon stood still, we could have been here all night. It was a perfect way to end the session.

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